BirdsAcre, Ellsworth
October 7, 2002
There were only three of us this day, Ari, Verla and myself.  The weather looked ominous but turned out okay. Elizabeth surprised us and joined us for lunch...

If you've never been to BirdsAcre, do go.  They caretake hurt or injured birds and they are beautiful up close.  There are also trails through the woods, a 4 mile loop included.
DuckBrook Bridge
October 14, 2002
The group
Daisy & Rufus
What a great day!  The sun was shining, it was crisp with a strong wind and the colors were glorious!  We found a location out of the wind, in the sun and were very comfortable!  My pups kept us company and guarded us from those dangerous tourists! Also in attendance were: Ari, Elizabeth, Marion and myself.