Plein Air
University of Maine
Museum of Art
It was downright F-R-I-G-I-D outside and the wind made it extremely dangerous for frostbite!  We bundled up and moved as quickly as we could from the cars to the inside.

The Museum is small but it has some gems.  Among the artists in their collection are Wyeth, Homer, Inness, Hartgen and a wonderful portrait of a blacksmith by an Italian artist.  Since it is close to home we'll be keeping tabs on what exhibits will be coming up.

There was also a b&w photographic 10 year retrospective which had some incredible shots, some that were distubing, regarding the state of things in our world and human suffering...

And speaking of human suffering....because the Museum was so small we finished early and went to lunch at Momma Baldacci's.  What a wrong move...  I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone and I think the feeling was unanimous, but as usual, we had a good time anyway!

Seven of us ventured out... Ari, Bonnie (her first visit with our group!), Gail, Norma, Siggi, Verla and Wanda.  Bonnie... I hope you do join us again!
Siggi, Thank you once again for the photo disk!  I think we will make you the official trip photographer!
Paying the entry fee...
Wanda and Norma take a break
Wanda, Bonnie, Norma,
The phone sign is there but
Ari, Gail, Norma
Wanda, Bonnie, Verla, Siggi
Birthday gifts....