Eagle Lake
Oct. 21st, 2002
The day started out grey, cold and threathening to snow!  You can see how bundled up we are.  Then the sky cleared and the sun came out and the heavy clothes came off!  The loons were on the lake and the colors were fabulous.  What a glorious day it turned into.

There were five of us painting... Ari, Lance, Marion, Kathy Reyes (my friend visiting from California with her daughter Melissa) and myself....
Ari and Lance
Colonel Black Mansion, Ellsworth
Oct. 28th, 2002
The weather was chilly and very windy but we found a spot out of the wind in the warm sun and painted by the porch.  Ari, Freda, Marion and myself had a great time and had the place to ourselves.  There were lots of subjects to paint and I think we will visit here again.
ABOVE: This very curious... either it's the sun hitting that scratch on my lens or a "spirit"!

Marion's first painting at left and she's working on the second, above..